Pack 7 Pinewood Derby Rules

East Lyme Pack 7 follows the Mohegan District Pinewood Derby rules found  HERE


 Rule Summary  


  • All participants must use only the materials provided in the official BSA Pinewood Derby kit:
  • Width– The overall width of the car shall not exceed 2 3⁄4 inches.
  • Length– The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.
  • Track Clearance– There shall be a 3/8 clearance between the bottom of the car and the track
  • Weight– The weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces. The scale used at the Race Day Inspection weigh-in is the official scale. Scales vary slightly so be prepared to make adjustments.
  • Height – For the District, there is no height requirement. The height of car may be limited to the track’s finish line height. Be prepared to adjust/modify the height of your car as necessary to fit the track.
  • The car shall not ride on any springs or other such devices.
  • The car shall be freewheeling, no starting devices can be added
  • Four Wheels, 2 on each side of the car, will be placed so they straddle the tracks lane


  • Axles that come with the Pinewood Derby model car kit must be used.
  • If desired, any burr or seam on any surface of axles may be lightly skimmed off with a fine abrasive.
  • Bearings, washers, bushings, tubes or spacers to axles are prohibited.
  • Only dry lubricant is permitted. No oil or liquid spray is permitted.


  • Wheels of the Pinewood Derby model car kit must be used
  • If desired, the burr and seam on the contact surface (the tread area) of wheels may be lightly skimmed off to remove the imperfection. However, if the burr and seam are removed from the contact surface of wheels, the contact surface must be flat and square to the side of the wheels.
  • Wheels cannot be altered or replaced with any other wheels.

WHEELBASE- (Distance between the Axles):

  • Extended wheelbases are allowed.
  • The minimum length between axles shall be 4 1⁄2 inches.
  • You may put your own wheel grooves or holes in the body of the car.
  • The wheel axles must be inserted in the body of the car, not added underneath the car.
  • The wheels MAY NOT extend beyond the front or rear of the car.

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